Find restaurants that fits your taste,
where ever you are.

What is Quouze?

The one and only application that helps you to find
restaurants based on real reviews by people that fits all the characteristics that you choose.

The best way to enjoy Quouze?

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This is how you can enjoy Quouze if you are a tourist!

Find the best restaurants to go to during your trip based on reviews from users with the SAME nationality as you!

Find a good restaurant to dine in near you and don't worry about getting lost anymore!

Don't forget to thank them for their reviews by comment ing and liking it!

Share about the restaurants YOU tried during the trip and someone might thank you for it!

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This is how you can enjoy Quouze if you are not a tourist!

See what your friends have to say about their favorite restaurants and Like it, Commentit, Share it!

Share about YOUR favorite restaurants so your followers can try it too!

If you are living abroad and bored with the local tastes, find a new restaurant suggested by the nationality of your choice!

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